So you have played recreational paintball at your local field and thought it was the best experience you have ever had. Your right!

Paintball is an adrenaline packed experience and very addictive sport. So you now think you have what it takes to play competition paintball – Again your right!

Paintball at a competitive level is played by a wide range of people, men, women of all ages and backgrounds. Unlike many sports, physical fitness is an advantage however your ability to think and act quickly and decisively is paramount. Tournament paintball is a non-stop faced paced game. 

GUYS and GIRLS: Most sports are segregated into male or female teams, which is usually due to physical strength. Some examples include; cricket, soccer, hockey, football, basketball etc. all of which are categorised by sex. Not Tournament Paintball.  Paintball players rely more on quick thinking, quick action and communication as the defining competitive advantage rather than physical strength or size. This means that women are just as competitive as men and thrive in competitive paintball.

If you would like to know more about how to become involved in tournament or competitive paintball, we would be happy to talk with you and assist in becoming a player. Fellow Paintball players are welcoming and help you along the way with tips and gear suggestions. Regular training sessions are conducted at NXL Affiliate locations where you can come and practice, train and check out the latest paintball gear in the proshop.  Tournament Paintball has an awesome atmosphere and fellowship.

NXL Australia in co-ordination with each affiliate conducts entry level paintball series such as 3 man events and beginner 5 man events.  These events also have gear available including goggle systems, harnesses, paintball markers etc which you can use before deciding to fully get into the sport and buying your own equipment.

As an entry level player you are assisted in all aspects of game-play and knowledge. As a new player, you will be assisted by experienced players, coached and given advice on how to play, gear, rules etc. As you gain experience you will join an entry level team then progress to playing more experienced teams. Tournament paintball and competitions usually have a “ranking” system which basically groups teams by experience.

So if high speed paintball is for you, then we would like to hear from you.

No matter where your located please contact:      admin@paintballskirmish.com

Please provide your name,  suburb and State where you reside.