It is with regret, that due to the on-going  Covid 19 pandemic, NXL Australia has suspended the 2022 season finals and associated prize pool. To maintain players involvement in the sport NXL Australia will continue to conduct events at host venues where possible and within Government guidelines. The option to hold a 2022 Finals will be determined by host venues and NXL Australia and will be made public at a later date.
Only venues listed on this site are host venues of NXL Australia and selected as official NXL Australia sites.  Each official location will host the NXL Australia series with the following criteria:
  • Each location represents an official NXL Australia location and is host of a State series which contributes to a National competition.
  • Each location (unless new) will conduct a minimum of 2 tournaments on an annual basis.
  • The annual series will be a Mercy format with capped 10.5 BPS.
  • Each location will operate according to WPBO rules. Slight variations may occur not only with WPBO rules but also between host locations. These variations are necessity driven and incorporated if required and are generally to accommodate local law or site requirements.
  • Teams may compete in more than one series eg. A team may register and compete in both NSW and Victoria, however these are two separate series.
  • Any team can enter the NXL Australian Championships (Finals – if undertaken) however the prize pool varies according to the winning teams qualification ie. the number of NXL Australia events attended.
See Prizes Page for further details.
Any International team can compete in the NXL Australia Series under the proviso that the competing team is made up of genuine and regular players for that team. Competing International teams are eligible to qualify and compete for any major prize offered. An International team must comply with the NXL Australia rules listed on this site and at the location.
Imports, substitutions, ring-ins, etc
A team may join an NXL Australia Series at any time, however it is the intention to keep a fair but competitive competition. To achieve this, each
team must follow these guidelines:
  • A team may register to compete in more that one NXL Series.
  • Teams must register direct with the host venue. 
  • If a Grand Final is conducted (NXL Australia International Championship) A player (international or local) must have competed within a team for a minimum of two NXL Australia Series events to be regarded as a regular or (team member) on that team. A player may compete on several teams as long as this rule is satisfied. This rule is for the purposes of finals to eliminate team stacking.
  • Throughout the season a team is permitted to have “guest players”. (with the guest player being only one division higher than the teams ranking). As a general rule two guest players of a higher ranking would increase the overall ranking of that team and it would step up a ranking.
NXL Australia acknowledges that any major prize offered is substantial / desirable and will be hard fought for by all teams. It is our intention to give every team flexibility to grow in skill by sourcing guest players and have the ability to fill team positions if required whilst also providing a fair and competitive series for all that compete.

The NXL Australia Series are NON – BYO Paint events.
Quality paint will be provided at all NXL Australia Series events at market price.
Paint prices within Australia will be uniform (as much as possible) across each State.

Any team bringing byo paint to an NXL event will forfeit any prize, standing and opportunity to play.

Entry Fees:
Australian host venues will employ a similar entry fee across the country. Some variations may occur.

Team Registration
Teams will need to organise themselves for the season. Consideration should be made if reserve players are required and rules for qualifying for finals.

  • To compete for any (major prize – finals) team members within Australia must have competed in a minimum of two NXL series events.

If any NXL Australia rule conflicts with WPBO or State Series information, the NXL Australia rule applies or NXL Australia reserves the right to apply a decision.
If you have any questions just contact NXL Australia or the State Series holder by email only.
Click here to download WPBO Series game rules.
Field Layouts
Field layouts for each respective location will be posted by the host venue prior to each event. These will be made available by viewing the round listed on the NXL Australia Facebook page. Check out the NXL Australia facebook page for all other information as well. The field layout for the finals and the National Championship if conducted will also be made available prior to the event.  

Locations and Links
Maps for host venues are available on the events page by clicking on directions for the round of your choice.
General Rules of Participating in NXL Australia
  • All players and teams must compete with integrity and sportsmanship, respecting other players, referees, organisers, venue staff and game rules.
  • All players must only use paintballs as supplied by NXL Australia. BYO paint is not permitted in any quantity at any NXL Australia Series event and for any reason or use. A team, individual or host venue using or having an alternative paintball at an NXL Australia Series event will forfeit any teams eligibility to compete in the series finals regardless of their current ranking and/or may not take part in future events.
  • All players must play and comply with the NXL Australia Series Paintball Tournament Rules and also the rules of the host venue. Intentional cheating or rule abuse is not permitted. Any team found to have cheated to gain an advantage or influence the outcome of a game may have their points deducted for part or the whole of the series. In the event this occurs in the finals – NXL Australia reserves the right to apply a win reversal. Therefore removing the win from a team that has cheated.
  • Hot Shots Direct Pty Ltd, GI Sports LLC , NXL USA, NXL Australia and any host of the NXL Australia events, including their staff, associates, employees, directors, owners and others associated with each entity will be held indemnified by each player attending or competing in any event from any financial loss, injury, cost, loss of life, or claim that has arisen from attending an event hosted by a field operator and/or receiving or redeeming a prize from any NXL Australia Series event.
  • In accepting and receiving any prize, the recipient accepts full responsibility for that prize and holds no other person or entity liable for any claim whatsoever.
  • To be eligible to redeem a prize each player and team must comply with all game rules of NXL Australia, the host venue and any requirements listed on this web site.
  • Any team may forfeit any prize won (without compensation) if any member of the winning team acts in a way which undermines, causes to reduce the integrity or reputation or attempts to bring into disrepute NXL Australia or any of its host locations. A person who has physically, verbally or communicated via social media or by other means; comments, abuse, bullying or conducted themselves inappropriately against NXL Australia, any Sponsor, worker, event staff, player or host venue, may be refused to play or will not have access to any prizes. Such a determination will be made at the sole discretion of NXL Australia.
  • If any abnormalities, disputes or confusion arises with any eligibility of prizes, redemption of prizes, loss of prizes, forfeiture of prizes or any other issue relating to NXL Australia or game rules, conditions or outcomes, Hot Shots Direct reserves the right to impose a decision which will be enforceable and accepted by all parties.
  • International teams competing in NXL Australia are bound to the rules, terms and conditions listed in this web site. NXL Australia reserves the right to amend or add terms and conditions throughout the season without notice and it is each players responsibility to have knowledge of the rules.


Prizes are determined by host venues for each round played at that venue.

If a National / Grand final event is conducted – the prize for that event is also offered and organised by the host venue.

NXL Australia is not responsible for prizes offered at events.