In 2016, Hot Shots Pro Shop teamed up with GI Sportz, NXL USA, International and local partners in collaboration to create and give rise to NXL Australia.  NXL Australia is a premium tournament series which is designed to unite paintball venues across Australia to provide players and teams with the ability to compete at a localised level. Supported by the worlds leading brands, teams from all over the country and Internationally can compete in the NXL Australia league which culminates to a national Australian Championship which increases the opportunity for Australian/New Zealand teams to compete Internationally.

So why NXL Australia.

For several years Australian tournament paintball has been on the decline. NXL Australia brings the opportunity for teams to be associated with an International League, accumulate ranking points and be rated against teams world-wide. Australia and New Zealand join the ranks of NXL USA, NXL Europe and NXL Asia.

How NXL Australia works

NXL Australia is a long term project with the focus on building and establishing new tournament teams. Our philosophy is to involve as many operators as possible, if not directly by hosting an NXL event, then by conducting feeder, junior, amateur events which promote and encourage new players into the sport.

Host venues have been established across Australia with additional locations being added when available. Each host venue supports a region which provides an annual tournament series. This provides teams with the advantage of competing locally where additional costs such as travel, accommodation etc is prohibitive/restrictive. Every team is then eligible to compete in a National event which determines the NXL Australian Champion.

NXL Australia thanks the following organisations for their continued support:  NXL USA,  GI Sportz,  Anthrax,  Exalt,  Ninja,  Virtue and JVC. as well as the affiliate and host locations, referees, volunteers and players who all contribute.